Listing: comics I’ve brought home

This post contains a list of all the comics that I carried home from the US, mostly on my and Kálmán’s back, because here you cannot buy comics at all. As some people already know, they measure a bit more than 13 kg.

Al Davison: The Spiral Cage

David B: Epileptic

Lynda Barry: Syllabus. Notes from an Accidental Professor

Lynda Barry: What it is

Winsor McCay: Dream of the Rarebit Fiend. The Saturdays

Peter Kuper: Stripped. An Unauthorized Autobiography.

Alison Bechdel: Are You My Mother?

Nicole J Georges: Calling Dr Laura. A Graphic Memoir.

Nicole J Georges: Clutch #21 and #22 (two zines)

Ken Dahl: Welcome to the Dahlhouse

Ken Dahl: Monsters

Jeffrey Brown: Unlikely (This is Kálmán’s book, not mine.)

Chester Brown: I Never Liked You

Julie Doucet: My New York Diary

David Axe and Matt Bors: War is Boring

David Small: Stitches. A Memoir.

Roz Chast: Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

Miriam Libicki: Jobnik! An American Girl’s Adventures in the Israeli Army

9-11 Artists Respond. Volume One.

Joe Sacco: Notes from A Defeatist

Art Spiegelman: Be a Nose!

Alan Moore – Kevin O’Neill: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1910

Alan Moore, Kevin O’Neill: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Black Dossier

Colin Kerr: The Keening. Book One. (The Guy gave his book to me as a present at MoCCA because I showed more interest in his work than anyone that day. It is worth asking questions to amateur artists!)

I also bought secondary literature:

Jared Gardner: Projections. Comics and the Theory of Twenty-First Century Storytelling.

Hillary Chute: Graphic Women. Life Narrative & Contemporary Comics

Rocco Versaci: This Book Contains Graphic Language. Comics as Literature

Judith Butler: Giving an Account of Oneself



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