Pictures of the Day #3 – Pettibon and Schiele

Pictures that I dwell on while preparing for and writing my dissertation. / Ezekkel a képekkel találkoztam ma disszertációra való ráhangolódásként.

Click to Enlarge.

I start with three drawings by Raymond Pettibon. I am always inspired by the way he approaches pictures and comics, how he reuses representational formulae from both mainstream and alternative comics, and, of course, post-punk. Then there is a photo of Egon Schiele. When I want a break from reading, I look at an album of paintings and drawings by Schiele. Strangely enough, I have never seen a photograph of him before. I love this nude of a headless man. The last picture is Seher Shah’s Interior Courtyard II, 2007. It is made by pencil and is 2 x 3 meters big (in the Brooklyn Museum).

(This is my previous post with Raymond Pettibon drawings from last year.)


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